Friday, January 29, 2016

What Did *You* Do Today? (012916)


Today, I woke up and realized I fell asleep with the lights on. 

Wrote a poem on a Sonic cup. 
Brushed my teeth too hard and bled. 
Pushed away the urge to sleep the day away. 
Wore black corduroy pants. 
Failed to eat breakfast. 
Thought about closing my Snapchat account. 
Ordered Thai Phooket for lunch. 
Consumed too much caffeine. 
Daydreamed about Arkansas.
Thought about changing my phone number.
Fought the urge to scream. 
Fought the urge to disappear.
Came home and decided I own too many things. 
Made a mental note to purge over the weekend. 
Stripped down to nothing. 
Stared at my nudity in the mirror. 
Squeezed my right breast. 
Thought about a baby's mouth being there. 
Freaked myself out at the thought of motherhood someday. 
Sat on the toilet. 
Realized I didn't have to go. 
Got up. 
Considered taking a shower. 
Decided to wait until later. 
Plopped on my bed. 
Pushed away anxiety about my social plans for tonight. 
Decided to blog since writing is therapeutic for me. 

What did *you* do today? 

Once alive, always alive.